➤ Water Rights Wanted

See map Legend

Click on any Cluster Pin (blue marker e.g. 3 ) to zoom in. And you will see all (3) included pins on the more detailed map. If you can not find the 3rd marker → click on the Full-screen iconfullscreen to expand the map. The icon is located in the upper-right corner of the Google map. The Clustering designed to work better on the fullscreen Full-Screen-Map.
Click or tap on 'the center' of any pin and you will see pop up "Info Window" chat with the following lines:
  1. Water right number.
  2. Price is per share [sh] or acre-feet [af]. → WR volume - respectively [sh] or [af]. You can multiply and calculate the total WR cost.
  3. home_workClosest municipality/town name.
  4. Date Listed [mm-dd-yy].

Sometimes buyer does want to "Talk price before value" and declares a fair Market Price abbreviated as "MP".

* - if depth is 0, the water right is for the "Surface Water". Depth - "NA", Not Available, Not Assessed or not provided by a seller for the 'Underground' WR.

Usage: ❖ Click on the head of a column to sort and analyse it. ❖ Click on any Water Right # to get the explicit info on the WR.

WR Total:
WR# Price:[$/unit] Unit Volume Depth [ft] Listed đŸ—ēī¸

All ads (Google map pins) must first be approved by the 'Sales Manager' before they are activated in the system. As soon as an admin has approved your ad it will become visible. Thank you for your business.

The secure forms are in development by admin@webSystem.US . Please, send your listing to sales@UWRE.US

How to copy from Google map your well's coordinates
  1. Open Google Maps on your computer or mobile device (by typing google.com/maps)
  2. Type your property's address into the search bar and press enter.
  3. Use the zoom function to get a closer view of your property.
  4. Look for your well on the maximum zoom.
  5. Right-click your mouse on your (anticipated) well point and select those coordinates (first line) from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click on the coordinates. The short message will appear after the click on the bottom of the map: "Copied to clipboard"
  7. Paste the coordinates into the "Coordinates:" text box on the form by pressing Ctrl+v (Windows, Linux) or Command+v (Mac).
  8. Submit the form.