waterWater Rights Wanted

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Click on any Cluster Pin (blue marker e.g. 3) to zoom in. And you will see all (3) included pins on the more detailed map. If you can not find the 3rd marker → click on the Full-screen iconfullscreen to expand the map. The icon is located in the upper-right corner of the Google map. The Clustering works better on the Full-screen map.
chatClick or tap on the center of any pin and you will see pop up Info window with the following lines:
  1. Water right number.
  2. Price is per share [sh] or acre-feet [af]. → WR volume - respectively [sh] or [af]. You can multiply and calculate the total WR cost.
  3. Well's depth [ft]*
  4. home_workClosest municipality/town name.
  5. Date posted [mm-dd-yy].

Sometimes buyer declares a Fair Market Price"MP".

* - if depth is 0, the water right is for the "Surface Water". Depth - "NA", Not Available, Not Assessed or not provided by a seller for the 'Underground' WR.

Owner: Utah Water Well-drilling Corp. e.g.

📍 123 2nd St., Murray, UT 84501
Well's diameter: 5 inch

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Additional Info

All well's logs have been individually maintained in the computer system since 1991. Select wells's prior to 1991 have also been entered. A Section/Township/Range (STR File) of well logs was maintained prior to the computerized system. Individual well logs and those in STR File have been scanned and are viewable in this area.
Drilling reports, lithologic logs, daily drilling reports, cuttings logs, and drilling photos for seismic monitoring wells 78-32 and 68-32.
- Raw and post-processing temperature logs for wells OH-3, OH-4, WOW-2, and WOW-4. The archive also includes a README.txt file, which contains an explanation of the data and how it was acquired, and a text file with coordinates for the logged wells.