listWater Rights Terminology

FYI: Physics in WR In Physics (in WR case is Hydro-Dynamics) and Engineering (respectively, Agriculture and Irrigation) the units of measure must be inside  the square brackets.
Water Rights (WR) has more practical approach: Flow measurement unit is [CFS] Cubic Feet per Second, while in school you would write [ft3/s], that is the same unit of the flow. ( In the Metric System -- [m3/s] ). Those units should be spelled in small letters ( again, in a college but not in WR).
So another useful unit in WR would be a volume of water measured in acre by foot [af] 1af=43560ft3=1233.48m3
The logic of the international convention: A [unit] of measurement named only after scientists must be capitalized to honor its inventor.
  Good example is energy in your home measured in [kWh]. Pronounced as "one kiloWatt hour". Or Power of 1000 Watts that has been consumed by your household during 1 hour. Where the [Watt] or [W] - named after the famous inventor James Watt.
A prefix (Eg. Mega versus milli) associated with an exponent more than 3 “must be capitalized”.
Eg. MegaWatt 1MW=106W, while milliWatt 1mW=10-3W. And 1MW > 1mW ! MegaWatt versus milliWatt!